Clients – Capacity building

Aotearoa Community Education

Facilitated two-day workshop for Aotearoa Community Education (ACE) with 25 attendees from REAPs around New Zealand, December 2014.

Provided post-workshop coaching for REAP participants, Feb-March 2015

Otara Health Charitable Trust

Provided a five-month coaching programme for Otara Health personnel, Feb-June 2015

Ministry of Social Development

Facilitated a collaboration workshop for the Taumarunui Social Sector Trial Advisory Group, July 2015

Far North REAP

Facilitated two-day workshop for community of Te Hiku, hosted by Far North REAP, September 2015

Collaboration Bay of Plenty and Institute of Directors



Facilitated two-day workshop for community of the Bay of Plenty hosted by COBOP and IoD, March 2016


“This gives order to what I do in collaboration.”

“Really excited about the workshop. It gives us a common language.”

“I enjoyed, had fun and worked hard at sharing and practicing with skilled facilitator and skilled co-attendees.”

“The workshop provided a framework for giving order to what we are doing and a language to describe our actions.”

“Really impressed with the way Miranda modeled and promoted the process throughout the workshop.”

“This is a great vehicle for change.”

“I learned the power of collaboration and the importance of stillness to reflect.”

“Thank you for your amazing inspiring ‘red bull’ facilitation. It creates a safe space for people to be and reflect.”

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