Why collaborate


Our society is increasingly facing complex challenges that are not amenable to the ‘business as usual’ planning approach. Complex challenges, as distinct from simple or complicated challenges, are based on interconnectedness and evolution. Such challenges require some experimentation and for people of all backgrounds to work together.

The latin word collaborare simply means working together. Collaboration as understood and modelled by FOLKUS means working together in the most effective way to reach sustainable outcomes.

Strong and lasting outcomes are able to be achieved when mindsets are tuned for success.  A collaborative mindset takes commitment and courage and is frequently tested.  A collaborative process is similarly tested with efforts needing to be ongoing and sustained.

The results of collaborating can be transformative, innovative and ultimately beneficial to our society.  Results that can be generated include increased capacity and trust among stakeholders, new services or infrastructure and new knowledge and learning.

Collaboration may be for you when:

FOLKUS will work with you to understand collaboration, increase your collaborative capabilities and put collaboration into practice for your particular context.  Like with good health, it is only you who can make the changes and model the results. FOLKUS can be your collaborative fitness specialist when you need it.