Clients – Process design and facilitation

ACE Aotearoa

Working with ACE Aotearoa, facilitated workshops on collaborative practice for Pasifika issues in the Hutt District, August-September 2014
ace aotearoa

Panuku Development and Devonport-Takapuna Local Board



Working with Panuku and the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board, facilitated a multi-stakeholder reference group to consider the future of Takapuna, April 2016-April 2017

Facilitated a collaboration session for 120 Transport Planners and Project Managers at their 2016 conference, November 2016

Facilitated a community conversation for around 85 attendees about the future of the East West Link project, November 2016


“I was somewhat skeptical but to my surprise, within months we had individuals in that group engaging with each other, listening to new ideas, and being prepared to modify their own ideas in an intelligent and thoughtful way.”

“I enjoyed the reference group and you did a great job keeping us all in check and on task, it worked very well.”

“We often talk about how successful that group has been in terms of coming together to discuss and shape local projects.”

“An absolute pleasure to work with you and watch people achieve collaboration when it seemed too great a challenge.”

“I have enjoyed being facilitated. The group is an interesting one and good for those who mostly work with like-minded people to see other points of view out there.”

“The collaborative approach has allowed a high degree of honesty and diversity in discussions, connected community organisations that may not otherwise have been aware of each other’s needs and created connections.”

“There’s little doubt that the multi-stakeholder format has provided a valuable model where diverse voices have been able to be heard and listened to, and allowed learning by all sectors of the perspectives of others.”

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